30 Days on a Genre Specific Spotify Playlist


Promote your music on one of our Premium Spotify Genre Specific playlists. Our curators promote their playlists to new fans to expand your listening audience, get your chart ranking up and get your music more exposure. These playlists stay within 180 minutes and generally have a solid play rotation.


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More Info

This is for one track. To add more adjust the quantity.

We do our best to add your tracks to our playlists within 48 hours but it can sometimes take up to 72 hours.

We except songs up to 5 minutes in length. If your song is longer than 5 minutes you can change the quantity of the purchase to 2 and add another song so long as the total time is 10 min. We will occasionally make exceptions for tracks up to 5 min 30 seconds dependent on playlist space and song quality. To see if space is available and if your song meets the quality requirements to exceed 5 min go here.

Genre playlists are subject to availability. While more mainstream genres rarely have placement issues, other genres may be less available. We strive to place your music in the best playlist possible but can’t always guarantee exact results. This promotion is offered under the assumption that artists are aware of possible limitations in placement.

If your not sure if your music is available on a service or if you need help finding your track links. Our check your tracks page may help.