Promotion that spans across 12 music services and growing. Focus on 1 service but get added to them all.


Guaranteed placement on playlists that are listened to 24/7. Royalty eligible premium playlists. Options for genre specific, short playlists, immediate placement or scheduled, and more. Build an analytics base to increase opportunities and get your music heard. Build a steady growing base to expand your audience and make padding your numbers with purchased plays safer.

 Playboxes & Servers

Your own Playboxes and Servers that play 24/7. We keep it going while you have full control over the playlists. Pick your streaming service. Add any music you want, when you want. Choose where it streams from and control it from any device. Sell playlist spots, promote your artists. Whatever you want!


Our Campaigns speak for themselves with results. These are not 60 second promo plays. Real plays. Real playlists. Real fans. Real Big Promotion!